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Casa Victoria is a 18TH CENTURY MANOR HOUSE, located in the historic center of Ponte da Barca, Viana do Castelo. The manor’s main facade has well-outlined granite windows and a tower-like granite chimney.


In 1929 the building caught the attention of the Count d’Aurora who wrote: “One admires, in the middle (of the street), a noble and old building, with beautiful cornices and monumental granite chimney lined with genuine 17th century traces.”

In 2003 Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira, in the book “Traditional Portuguese Architecture”, focuses his attention on the chimney of this manor, having designed and presented it as an example of extravagant chimneys that show the economic level of the owners.

During the last 50 years the building housed the Ponte da Barca Police headquarters and was completely restored and adapted in 2018.


In a simple tribute to the local skilled sailor and explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, the house is named after one of the naval ships responsible for the circumnavigation of the globe. Of the 5 vessels that sailed from Spain, only Victoria managed to complete the first voyage around the world.

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Casa Victoria offers a wide range of cozy spaces where you can find a fusion of rustic and modern.

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